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I love youAuthor: Jeanine Cook  Take Note

Over the Christmas break we had the privilege of spending several days at our Gramma and Poppa’s house. My parents had all of their children and grandchildren under the same roof for a week. It was a wonderful, loud, fun, memorable time. As I tearfully headed back home, I  reached into my purse and found a hand written note in my purse from my mom that simply said, ” I love you” in her cheerful penmanship. I was quickly reminded that when I was a child my maternal  grandmother would always spend her last day or two of a visit hiding notes all around the house. She was very creative and we would find them in silly places, sock drawers, pockets, in the  pantry near our favorite snacks, sometimes inside the snack container etc.. It always made us smile and giggle. We would imagine her delight as she tucked them her and there. At times we knew how many were actually hidden and we would seek for them with great anticipation and joy.

My mother continues this precious tradition to my and my children’s delight. At times when I was a teenager, I would leave them for my mom as well. We would let each other know we were praying for each other or what it was we appreciated about the other. Once in a while the note would be attached to a bill with the encouragement to spend it in a specific way ie a cup of coffee or a treat. Those notes always made me feel loved and cherished.

As I seek to minister to my own children and husband,  I am inspired to use this tool to communicate not only my love for them, but what it is I admire in them, how I am praying for them, an encouraging bible verse etc.. I can do so through text or a note skillfully tucked in a shoe or a pocket. Sometimes I write it on their mirror in dry erase pen. Whatever the method, I would like them to know that I am paying attention, that they matter, that I delight in them. They are a gift from the Lord for which I am eternally grateful. I intend for them to know that.

As my mother would write to me, ” I thank my God every time I remember you.” Phillipians 1:3

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Jeanine Cook has been happily married to her husband Jeremy for 19 yrs. They have three children Dylan 16, Jericho 11 and Gentry 9. They live in Concord, CA and minister at Concord Bible Church where Jeremy has the privilege of serving as Senior Pastor while Jeanine serves on the women’s ministry team. She is a seamstress by trade but her greatest joy is being a child of God, a mother and a wife!
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  1. Passionate Purposeful Parenting says:

    I agree wholeheartedly that speaking wholesome, loving words into your families life is so important — Notes are a wonderful way to do that! I love it that my 13 and 12 year old children enjoy and look forward every day to the notes I leave in their lunch boxes. Thanks, Jeanine, for the beautiful encouragement!

  2. So simple and so treasured – and needed! Thank you for this mighty reminder!